About us





About us

Quadriga empowers individuals on their personal path throughout their professional evolution.

We offer a comprehensive range of customised possibilities for personal development. At the Quadriga University Berlin, we provide study programmes aimed at executives as well as a broad range of non-executive level education, such as conferences, seminars and e-learnings. Our inspiring and subject-specific m azines, newsletters and websites represent the leading edge for the corresponding occupations. Furthermore, we provide an arena for professional exchange and networking through our association management and various events, such as congresses and awards.

Quadriga currently focuses on professionals in the following sectors: PR & Communications, Human Relations, Politics & Public Affairs, Sales, Marketing and Compliance. Additionally, we offer interdisciplinary knowledge and exchange, e.g. on digitalisation, leadership and general management.

Quadriga is an internationally-oriented company based in Berlin, with a passion for people, innovation and Vision.

Find out more about us at www.quadriga.eu/en.


Questioning is the root of all transformation, vision and success.

Quadriga empowers people to reach their professional visions.
We gather the most important questions for professional transformation.
Inspired by the right questions, we find answers to the challenges of our complex world.

#keepquestioning – with this attitude we achieve professional transformation in every dimension.

Development of the company

Rudolf Hetzel started today’s Quadriga group of companies in 2000 with the founding of the policy agency and magazine politik & kommunikation, to this day the only specialist magazine for political communication in Germany. Together with Torben Werner, several company foundations followed, including the Deutsche Presseakademie in 2003 and the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in 2009. In July 2016, the founders announced that all companies will be under the umbrella brand of Quadriga.

Company values

  • Passion

We inspire our customers and colleagues because there is nothing we do half-heartedly, but always with passion.

  • Curiosity

Because we are curious, we donĀ“t want to manage the status quo, but are up to date and reinvent ourselves and our products constantly.

  • Trust

Because we are competent and honest, our customers and colleagues trust us.