Quadriga seizes the opportunity to further digitalize its product range: As of now, all professional education products will be made available in a digital, current and flexible form.

Quadriga keeps refining its range of conferences, congresses, seminars and degree programs. All professional education products are digitally available, adapted to current affairs and eligible for flexible rebooking.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 concerns all of us. The speed with which adjustments become necessary poses a very real challenge. But it also presents an opportunity.

As a leader in the field of professional education, we aim to do justice to the current and future framework – and are adapting our entire product range to the new conditions, starting now.


Digital participation in our conferences, seminars, congresses, MBA and Master programs will be possible at all times.

Our digitalized professional education products offer current and relevant content – without having to be present. Additionally, we offer up-to-date digital expertise and experiences.


All content of our professional education products will be adapted to the topics that are truly relevant for our customers.

Professional challenges are constantly changing, sometimes at very short notice. For Quadriga’s professional education products, this means: Starting now, we will always determine a significant part of our content at short notice, according to the current needs of our participants.


All professional education products will be eligible for flexible rebooking.

There are limitations to what is plannable. Quadriga aims to meet this challenge: Rebooking our professional education products and events without bureaucracy or additional costs will be made possible.

Participants of our upcoming Quadriga events will be actively and personally contacted in order to inform them individually of our schedule. Due to the current situation, we ask you to understand that minor delays may occur.

We are available at any time to answer any further questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at service@quadriga.eu or +49 30 84859-444.